Getting adjusted

The last two days have definitely picked up.  From the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep it is go go go.  We eat breakfast around 8:00 and our first class is at 9:00.  There is a short break for lunch and dinner.  Our final class is after dinner at 7:20 and goes until 8:30.  You get the idea that it’s a pretty full day they have scheduled for us.

We have been split into eight different classes with about 400 people all together.  So each of the classes rotate around the different classrooms preparing us for our coming year.  The classes range from Project-based Learning to A Brief Intoduction to Korean History. Leading the classes are teachers or people with years of experience.  For the most part they have been extremely engaging.  Before attending the classes I was worried I would fall asleep because of jetlag, but I really haven’t had a tired moment.  Especially today.  I feel more and more adjusted as time goes by.

The last class that we attended was Tae Kwon Do.  I was hoping to do a few flips and break a few boards with my head, but alas, that was not in store for us.  We were asked to wear workout clothes and be prepared to sweat.  Three men wearing thie Tae Kwon Do uniforms stood in front of us.  The teacher was actually really kind and funny.  We did some warm ups and stretching the first half, and the second half we did more punches and kicks.  They encouraged us to yell as we punched.  We were also asked to punch our stress not our friends.

I do want to mention our class leaders Soonhee and Chris.  Don’t let the name Chris fool you, he’s totally Korean.  Soonhee is a fifth grade teacher and doesn’t not strike me as the typical Korean.  She is very sarcastic, but in a very good way.  She uses humor a lot when leading our class.  She says things like, “Who is the best most beautiful teacher?” And we all say “SOONHEE!” in unison.  And she’ll say, “That’s right!”  Chris knows less english, therefore he does not say much.  I think he is also very kind.

Finally tonight I went to a church service.  It is Sunday, but I wasn’t expecting to go to a service this first week.  But when BreeAnn and I got to lunch there was a flyer on our table for an english church service at 8:30pm.  I was excited to go to church, but slightly more excited to see who, out of the 400 people here, would show up.  All said and done there were about 20 people.  A good showing.  I was wondering if I was going to be the only one.  But in fact Gwangju (the city BreeAnn and I are going to) had the most people.  There were even a two couples that were there.  It was such a nice feeling after being so busy and lectured to for so many hours to worship.

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One Response to Getting adjusted

  1. john and caryn cowger says:

    David and BreeAnn……

    How VERY exciting….great blog….what a great experience. You both are going to make an unforgetable memory…Korea…life changing. Mom and I are so happy for you both. We continue to pray everyday for you. You are going to be GREAT teachers…

    May the Lord shine His face upon you….each and every day.
    Love….Forever……..Mom and Johnny Boy

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