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teachers’ health day

it’s no secret: i’ve been lamenting my sudden induction onto the mudeung elementary teacher’s volleyball league without ceasing. i’d complain to anyone who would listen about my woeful, brief history of embarrassing “athletic-related” incidents (most of which had happened either while rollerblading in middle school or in … Continue reading

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our friend rachel turned 25 last tuesday – the first of our foreign friends to celebrate another year of their lives while overseas. a group came over to our neighborhood, where we went out to a korean grill and got … Continue reading

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capturing flags and kia tigers

last sunday, we were invited to play capture the flag at a local orphanage in the early afternoon. we spent the morning doing laundry and lesson planning at a coffeeshop. then we hopped into a cab destined for downtown. we … Continue reading

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On the spot

Friday, before school was over, I was asked if I would come in on Saturday and introduce myself to the parents.  My elementary school was having a bit of an open house.  It would be important to point out that … Continue reading

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rewind a little: while barely settled in gwangju, we were told we would be granted a 4-day weekend, from sept. 10th-14th, for the korean equivalent of thanksgiving & christmas all rolled into one. this was short notice, especially since everyone … Continue reading

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i got your back

we had a 4 day weekend recently, due to Chuseok, and while i want to blog about all our adventures in and out of the city, this post is not about that. this post is about the highlight of my mornings. … Continue reading

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Sink or Swim

Even though I have been to one of my schools and lived here in Gwangju for almost two weeks, I hadn’t taught any classes until this week.  We had great training up in Jeonju, but before we’ve actually started teaching there were … Continue reading

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