a shameless request

to all our dear loved ones back home: we finally know our address! and we thought we should bring it to your attention that we have yet to recieve one piece of mail while in korea (even though i peek in our sad little mailbox everyday), and we’d like to implore you to remedy that situation. it doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy (although it could be…), but we would just LOVE to hear from you. we’ll even do our best to write back! then, you’ll get a real, actual letter from Korea. can you imagine anything more exciting than that?? ok, ok, enough begging. here are the deets:

Home (small things, i.e. letters, can be sent to our home):
David and BreeAnn Cowger
Gwang-Ju, Buk-gu, 
Yongbong-dong 143-1,  
Seil-billa 303
SOUTH KOREA, 500-843
School (anything larger than a letter should be sent to this school, and please use David’s name, not mine, since it’s his school):
David Cowger
Gwang-Ju, Buk-gu, Ochidong, 
Gwangju Seosan Elementary School
SOUTH KOREA, 500-840
you may notice that the address is sort of “backwards,” but apparently that’s how they do it here. we were told that before we get sent anything too special, someone should try and do a “test run” letter, to make sure it arrives first. anyone feeling inspired? go for it!
PS: post about our weekend in Seoul coming shortly!

About breeanncowger

restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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5 Responses to a shameless request

  1. Chris and dan says:

    Hi guys! I just found out you have a blog and I am all over it. You guys look to be having such a great time both Chris and I are jealous. This is my first time to response so I will make it short and hope it gets through.

    We have been doing well. Blessmans are back and we have seen them several times. Tomorrow, Sunday we are going to visit their church and hear a missionary pastor speak.

    Love and miss you both. God is good. Take care and I promise to keep in touch.

  2. Abby says:

    Is Yongbong-dong the street name? Because that’s the coolest name ever.

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