Today has been one of my favorite days in Korea, hands down.  BreeAnn and I didn’t go sight-seeing.  We didn’t travel to a new city.  In fact, we barely left our apartment.  But today had to be one of the most relaxing and just normal feeling days I’ve had in a long time.

At 10am BreeAnn and I walked with Soek Jun, a 12-year-old boy that BreeAnn walks with to school everyday, to the movies.  Earlier in the week BreeAnn had been asked by him on their little walk to school.  As we walked he jumped over obstacles in the sidewalk and pointed at flags hanging above us.  We didn’t say a lot, but I think we were all just enjoying being together.  We ended up see Real Steal a movie set in the future when robots boxing robots has become the most popular sport.  If it sounds like a bit of a ridiculous premise you’d be right.  To our surprise and delight it wasn’t really about the action or the relationship between trainer and robot.  It was much more than that to me.  It focused on the father son relationship.  And being the son of a boxer myself, it was easier to put myself in the kid’s shoes.  Unlike my dad though, Hugh Jackman’s character was an absent father for many years and only recently taken an interest in the kid’s life.  He fought for their relationship.  It made me want to thank my dad for always fighting for us and our family.  For always hugging us and telling us that he loved us.  It also reminded me what kind of dad I want to be someday.

After the movie the three of us walked to our apartments and parted ways with our young friend.  It’s Sunday here so we streamed a sermon from hopeonline.tv.  In it Pastor Mike talked about Peter and how he changed his life from being “Ol’ Pete” to “The Rock”.  It didn’t happen over night, rather it came through training.  A good reminder that if I want to be “a rock” in the future, I better train for it.

During the sermon BreeAnn and I started cleaning our apartment.  And contrary to popular belief, I don’t mind cleaning.  In fact, I really enjoy a clean apartment and the feeling that everything is in its place and that dust balls are not accumulating on my heels as I walk.  Today was the perfect day for a deep clean.  The windows are open in the back, our door was open in the front, and a gentle breeze swept (along with me) throughout the house.  It’s one of the many reasons I love autumn.  No air conditioning.  No heating.  Just the crisp air filling the house.  The perfect excuse to put on a hoodie and read a book or study Korean next to my best friend.

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