the singing room

we’ve heard that korea has close to 50 million people living on a land mass comparable in size to indiana – and of that land mass, only about 1/3rd of it is inhabitable. this basically means korea has a ton of people crammed into a tiny amount of space. no surprise there (the endless apartment buildings stretch out like mountain ranges). what has been surprising, has been the inventive ways koreans continue to stay loyal to their community-based culture, despite the lack of space available to them.

since hosting a movie night or game night is almost impossible in the tiny apartments here, koreans rent out rooms for these get-togethers. there are board game rooms, dvd rooms, and our personal favorite: singing rooms. a noraebang is a large building divided into a dozen or so rooms. you rent a room with your friends, and you’re take to a space filled with couches, microphones, flashing lights, oversized speakers, and a tv that will give you the lyrics to (almost) any song you desire. you select your songs with an oversized remote, and sing away. recently, we ventured to our local noraebang with some friends, and brought along the camera to document the experience. enjoy!

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