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i was doing fine until lunch time rolled around. i’d hardly had time to think about the fact that it was (somewhere on the other side of the globe anyway) the thanksgiving holiday, what with my 4 morning classes and my halting, … Continue reading

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Lesson 15 in the sixth grade curriculum was on Thanksgiving.  And as I flipped through the slide show nearly five times I was reminded of the history, food, and traditions surrounding the holiday.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days … Continue reading

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blond hair and a toilet seat

skype is the most glorious invention. getting to talk to dearly missed loved-ones across the globe, seeing their faces and reactions, all for free? priceless. my family has been able to skype with us occasionally (even my grandparents recently, which … Continue reading

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out of the city

this weekend started out rough for david. he came home from school feeling nauseous, and by the time we’d met up with friends for dinner, he couldn’t even look at the food. he ended up leaving dinner early and going … Continue reading

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some fresh air

this past week, autumn officially blanketed korea in the most vivid reds and yellows, only to shudder them to the sidewalks and gutters in a matter of days. it was a gorgeous burst that you could have missed if you … Continue reading

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a recollection of the weekend

this weekend, we had a jam-packed friday and saturday, and i just now realized that we didn’t take one photo. i guess the endless hopping of cabs, subways, taxis, and trains has become somewhat routine for us. this certainly was the … Continue reading

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Google Translate

Throughout the day I get messages sent to me in Korean.  I then promptly go to Google Translate to see if I can make sense of it.  Usually I can sort of guess what they are trying to say.  But sometimes … Continue reading

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