Talent show

I was told a couple of weeks back that I would not have students this past Friday in preparation for the talent show.  This was a full day dress rehearsal.

Being that there were no classes I decided it was a jeans day.  Sitting in my office I decided I would walk around the different classrooms throughout the day and check in on the practices.  After a few hours at my computer in the morning I got a message from my co-teacher.  It said, “If you are bored you can join us in the gym to watch the performances.”  On the way to the gym it was clear to me that this was not an ordinary talent show.  Music was reverberating down the halls, and as I approached the gymnasium doors an archway of balloons greeted me.  Stepping into the gym students in elaborate costumes were performing, a temporary sound system was blasting music, and stage lights shined around the stage.  I was in for a treat.

One of my fourth grade classes performed Snow White all in English.  I was really proud of them.  A sixth grade class of mine danced to popular k-pop music as cheerleaders.  Several different classes of students combined to do Tai Kwan Do.  And another one of my sixth grade classes sang to popular Korean tv show songs.  They went all out.

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