Google Translate

Throughout the day I get messages sent to me in Korean.  I then promptly go to Google Translate to see if I can make sense of it.  Usually I can sort of guess what they are trying to say.  But sometimes it comes out like this:

Hello ⌒. ⌒
Teachers guide.
By modifying the service staff in relation amen.

Because there are already teachers in consultation
1. How are work trips = sympathetic
2. Domestic travel = vice-principal should apply to.

Comprehensive changes to my service to the principal will notify.

However, a substitute in the event details in advance, please let us know aIIgyomubu blind.

* I showed up the agenda
– Chapter gyomubu kkeneun is a pop-up contact.
– Other service points shall be in accordance with the service.

Biteoseo confusion I’m terribly sorry. Posted imhyeonghan

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