Halloween Party

Two times a week I teach an “after-school” class.  It’s called an after-school class, but it’s during my working ours.  In my after school class I can teach anything I want.  So in the next few months we are traveling across America, stopping at major cities, and doing a project based on the city.  For example in New York City we are focusing on the Statue of Liberty and making statues of ourselves holding things that are important to us.

Throughout the year I am also focusing on holidays celebrated in America.  And since it was Halloween, we had a Halloween party.  I asked students to wear a costume a week in advance, but I wasn’t really confident anyone would.  But the first girl in the door was wearing a yellow tiger suit.  I was so excited.  Turns out in Korea, these types of costumes are actually pajamas.  I came as Kim Byung Man, a famous comedien who simply draws a fake mustache on his face when he is on stage.  I can’t understand what he is saying, but I can tell it’s funny.

During the party we watched a clip from The Nightmare Before Christmas, which creeped them out a bit.  Next we did the ol’ wrap a person in toilet paper race.  We talked about our costumes, and finally we watched part of a Simpson’s Halloween special.  It was my favorite class yet.

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4 Responses to Halloween Party

  1. sari/ah says:

    oh my gosh. i love everything about this. but more than anything, i love the mustache.

  2. suellyn brooks says:

    David!! What a creative teacher you are…no surprise!=) Loved that your mom and dad let me get in on this! keep it up!

  3. emilysexton says:

    Bahhh! That is awesome, David! I’m so happy you showed them The Simpsons Halloween… that right there is true America. Your students are LUCKY! :)

    • breeanncowger says:

      Ha, Emily, I’m glad you appreciate David’s teaching efforts. But, you’re right, the Simpsons is iconic Western culture, and if these kids are going to learn English, they gotta watch the Simpsons! Hope life is good for you!!

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