out of the city

this weekend started out rough for david. he came home from school feeling nauseous, and by the time we’d met up with friends for dinner, he couldn’t even look at the food. he ended up leaving dinner early and going home to rest. i stuck it out with our friends awhile longer, listening to hilarious stories from one another’s past in a second-story coffeeshop, and when i came home to him, he was looking pale and contemplating throwing up (which he finally did). we still aren’t sure if it was a quick bug or something that he ate, but it was tough to see him so miserable. i think, even three month in, our bodies are still not quite adjusted to all the newness (i.e. totally bizzarre food that we consume on a daily basis).

we had plans on saturday to rent a car with another couple (jonathan and sarah) and their korean friend mick, so i was glad to see that david felt a little better by saturday AM. we had some frustrations figuring out how to get up to their little area of gwangju (for some reason, i feel like i still haven’t figured out the buses here. sheash. embarrassing.) but when we arrived and hopped into the car, all was well.

it was lovely to get out of the city again, and fun to be led around by mick, who had some great destinations in mind. he was a good tour guide. i don’t remember all the names of the areas that we saw, but i know we went to a temple, a fortress, and an ancient old house where scholars used to meet. we wrapped up the day at damyang, watching the sun sink behind low mountains out by a lake. it was a very serene day, full of lots of walking and absorbing the beauty around us. jonathan and sarah are such a chill, fun couple to be with too, we really enjoy their company. here are a few pics:

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