Seo Sek De

Two weeks ago BreeAnn, a few friends, and I planned a wonderful weekend.  Saturday had dinner at one of our favorite bbq restaurants and afterward we went to a board game room. That’s right, a place where all you do is play board games.  We’ve mentioned before that Korean homes are small so they often do not have people over.  Instead they go to a wide range of rooms:  The Norebangs (singing rooms), the pet cafes, pc rooms, DVD rooms, and yes, board game rooms.  After sitting down and ordering a hot cocoa we perused the game board menu that was handed to us.  We chose the childhood classic Monopoly.  I had not played Monopoly in quite some time but never really remember finishing a game.  Over the course of an hour or so we haggled and bartered our way through the game and ended up having a lot of fun.

Finally that night we stopped and the newly opened Tequilas.  Tequilas is, as far as we know, the only legitimate place to get Mexican food including tacos, burritos, quesadillas,  chimichangas, and of course, chips and salsa.  Ah Mexican food….probably the food that we miss the most.  Not necessarily because it’s the best tasting, but because we probably ate it between one and two times a week.  Chips and salsa….four to five times a week.  Yeah, we’re a bit addicted.

The next day we all met up to eat a traditional American breakfast at The Underground.  BreeAnn and I both got eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast.  Maybe it sounds basic to you, but this is a rare treat here.

After filling up BreeAnn and I and another couple, Adam and Angie, took a bus partly up Mudeung Mountain and started to hike.  Although it was almost December the weather was perfect.  There was a high in the low 60s, which is not typical.  If you don’t know this about me, I love hiking.  Also being from Iowa, I don’t get to hike a real mountain very often.  So sharing the day with my wife, some good friends, and hiking is about as good as it gets.

Closer and closer to the top, uniform and huge rocks start to break the surface of the mountain.  They appear like rectangular pillars holding the mountain up.  Like the Grand Canyon, upon seeing something great, there were no words to express the wall of rock.  Instead we all stood to look and take it in.  Again we set forth toward the top and finally made it to Seo Sek De.  This is 1,100 meters.  The top is actually 1,187 meters, but is unreachable because of a military post at the top.  How would you like to be stationed there?

Adam made the comment that, “When people see a mountain, something inside them says to climb to the top.”  To accomplish something.  To conquer something.  So say to someone, “Hey, see that mountain?  I climbed to the top.”  To look out and see what the other side looks like.  To share a special moment with friends.  To think, “What a Creator.”

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4 Responses to Seo Sek De

  1. sari/ah says:

    very cool, guys. can’t get enough of your adventures. love you both.

  2. ahartley288 says:

    It was an amazing weekend thanks to you two!

  3. E-Boy says:

    Mr. Cowger, Your going to the wild side!

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