a merry little christmas

to be honest, i’m staring at the computer screen right now, at a loss for words. of course, no one wants to be found so far from home on christmas – least of all me. i love my family gatherings. i feel so blessed on holidays like thanksgiving and christmas and easter, when we all get together, eat tons of delicious food, and then cram about 2 dozen people into one room to watch a disney movie and snooze. i know some family get-togethers are full of tension, of arguments and drama and unpredictability. i am grateful for the peaceful routine we have.

but this year found david and me in korea, so we were determined to make the most of our new surroundings. on friday night, we were grateful for so many friends, gathered at mark’s apartment (the guy who also hosted our thanksgiving shindig). we at food and delicious desserts and listened to christmas music and talked about christmas traditions back home. we don’t know what we’d do without all our friends here.

saturday, we skyped with david’s family, exchanged gifts and opened an awesome package from home, then headed across the city to the holiday inn. we booked a holiday package deal there, and we were not disappointed. it was a beautiful, classy hotel (holiday inn back home isn’t usually know for its luxurious swagger, but in korea its western name gains it some cred). our room was posh and modern, with good lighting and a massive, fancy “rainforest” shower. we explored the hotel before meeting up with our friends adam and angie, who had picked up some pizzas for us (mr. pizza!). we also had a bottle of red wine that came with the room, and some fruit on the side. we set up the laptop and watched home alone while kicking back and relaxing. it was the perfect sense of nostalgia on christmas eve. after the movie, we noticed that thick snowflakes had begun to fall. it was beautiful to watch them swirl under streetlights below.

christmas morning we woke to a fresh snowfall outside, and shuffled downstairs to breakfast in our complimentary slippers, only to be told that we couldn’t wear them into the dinning area (oops… we found out later that adam and angie had done the exact same thing. those lazy westerners). the breakfast was the blissful highlight of our christmas. it was a massive buffet, with pancakes, fruits and veggies, eggs, made-to-order omelets, hash browns, ham, bacon, various cheeses, dim sum, juices and coffees, cereal, toast, and a little korean fare on the side. we stuffed ourselves, then went to sweat it out in the spa. we all requested late-check out times, so we were able to stay until two. i even got a in a run, which i haven’t done in awhile.

that evening, david and i ate at our favorite little korean grill near our house, then treated ourselves to desert at a nearby coffeeshop (thanks, grandma, for the money to eat somewhere nice on christmas!). it was a different christmas, but i think we made the most of it, and ended up really enjoying ourselves. early monday morning, we got to skype with my family, and it was great to see them. of course we missed home, but this will always be a christmas to remember.

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One Response to a merry little christmas

  1. ahartley288 says:

    It was a merry little Christmas! Thanks for letting us be a part of it. Great photos too!

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