New Years Eve

Like many people, I watch Dick Clark’s New Years Eve special.  Most years I end up getting side tracked and miss the ball dropping.  As much as I enjoy drinking sparkling juice with BreeAnn and my counsin-in-laws on New Years Eve, I always wondered what it would be like to be in the middle of it all.  I romanticize the idea of being in New York City, in London, or at the Sydney Harbor Bridge, all packed in, counting down, and kissing at the stroke of midnight.  This year, although it may not have been to as large of a scale as those cities, I was still surrounded by thousands of people, lights, fireworks, cheering, and the person I love the most.

Following the countdown our friend Sarah bought some fireworks for us to shoot off.  The group watched other Koreans shooting their fireworks from the street and when we thought we had gotten the hang of it, gave it a try.  Everyone’s went off without a hitch…except mine.  Each firework shot about 30 small fireworks over the course of three minutes.  Mine shot about 25 with no problem.  Around number 26 the center of my firework exploded.  BreeAnn was able to capture this moment of fear on our camera.  As soon as it happened I decided to drop the firework and get as far away from it as possible.  After distancing myself from the out of control firework I looked back.  It still had about four fireworks left to shoot off.  And much like a hose with no one to hold it, my firework was shooting every which way.  At least once, it came really close to a group of people. This is why this sort of thing is illegal in Iowa.

Overall it was a wonderful night. A new year conjures up so many clichés.  It’s a clean slate, a chance to start anew, and has endless possibilities.  And as many times as I’ve heard those common sayings each year, I think they ring true.  2012 does have lots of potential, and unlike many years, I have no idea what it holds.

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