thank you for your effort

we graduated! we completed 1 semester of university-level korean language class, which proved to be one of the more difficult things i’ve done in a long time. the language is opposite from english in every possible way, but thankfully we had a patient teacher and a room full of foreigners that loved to get her off-track with games and songs as often as we could.

for our closing ceremonies, david got nominated to give a speech. he took a little inspiration from the book “eclipse,” and gave a very moving performance. we also sang a popular children’s song about bears in korean, in front of everyone. hey, our class may not be remembered as the most academically inclined group, but we will be remembered as the most fun. i am pretty sure everyone else in the room wished they were a part of our group. at least, i’ll keep telling myself that. and, as blissfully happy as i am to be done with this class, i’ll miss seeing everyone twice a week. also, enjoy a portion of david’s moving speech below.

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One Response to thank you for your effort

  1. sari/ah says:

    haha–and i LOVED the speech. love you guys.

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