making the most

as david mentioned in his last post, we are trying to be more purposeful with our time here in korea. our first six months were spent in a slight daze. we were constantly adjusting and learning and adapting. but as our second semester starts, we both felt that we needed to be a little wiser with our free time, and make the most of the opportunities surrounding us.

as you saw below, one of david’s big goals has been to start making some short documentary-style movies of our lives here. he’s learning a lot about our camera and how to piece clips together, and has been really dedicated to it. i noticed a lot of you are interested in seeing our schools, and i think he should be able to pull that off in the weeks to come.

another joint goal that we are tackling this spring is training for a 10K. the race will be the last weekend in may, and training has already been daunting. but we get to run the race on a beautiful island off the southern coast of korea called jeju (more on this place later), and it will be fun to do it together.

as for me, i decided to work on my writing (i know, i know, what does that even mean). writing always has been a passion of mine. i’m not artistic or musical or technical, but if you give me a blank journal and a pencil, i can blissfully shift into an alternate frame of mind and be content for hours, just stringing words together.

i recently branched way out of my comfort zone, and offered my writing services to the local english news magazine called “gwangju news.” it’s a nice publication done here in the city put together by english-speaking volunteers. it also has an online version, which i agreed to write a piece for. i got my first “assignment” a couple of weeks ago, and began feverishly researching and writing up until the deadline.

last night, right before i submitted the completed article, i felt a rush of insecurity. i realized i haven’t actually ever written a news article. and i haven’t actually ever handed off any of my writing to be scrutinized by the whole wide world (a blog is one thing – i still have control if it. i can delete or change it at any second – and i like to think that most of our readership here are friends and family). knowing it was too late for second thoughts, i clicked send… and waited to hear back from the editor about my inadequate abilities and my numerous needed edits.

so, as you can imagine, i was pleasantly startled and elated when hour later my article appeared on the website! the editor wrote me back with some kinds words, and hardly any edits were needed.

i don’t say all this to brag (i’m still as surprised as you are), but i do say all this to encourage others to branch out, to try new things, to force yourself out of your comfort zone. i’m really glad i did it, and i hope i get more chances to write for them in the future.

oh, and if you’re interested, here’s the article.


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One Response to making the most

  1. Emily C says:

    Jeju is so fun! We rented bikes and biked around part of the island. So beautiful there! We so enjoy reading about all your adventures:) Much love!

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