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cherry blossoms

expat: short for expatriate: 1. resident in a foreign country. 2. exiled or banished from one’s native country. 3. person who lives in a foreign country. i’ve been hesitant to describe myself with the term ‘expat.’ it sounds a little … Continue reading

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the mask

one night, before we began watching LOST, we grabbed some snacks at our beloved world mart. sarah saw some facial-cleansing masks for sale at the counter, and in a stroke of inspired genius, decided to purchase one for each of … Continue reading

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Korean Schools

After several requests about what a Korean elementary school was like I finally finished my video.  I hope it gives you an accurate look into our everyday lives here.  Please continue to ask questions and leave comments .

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My week at EIC

Just finished my video about the English Immersion Camp I went to last week.  Check it out.  More to come.  Hopefully will finish one up about my schools soon.  Keep the questions coming.

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Rice Bugs and a Published Video

For the last few months I would hear a groan in the other room and know immediately what it was: BreeAnn, frustrated that another tiny black bug was sluggishly climbing up one of our apartment walls.  And for many nights, … Continue reading

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