Rice Bugs and a Published Video

For the last few months I would hear a groan in the other room and know immediately what it was: BreeAnn, frustrated that another tiny black bug was sluggishly climbing up one of our apartment walls.  And for many nights, whether imagined or not, I could feel these insects walking on my toes or in middle of my back, just out of reach.  These little black bugs had made daily appearances in the last few months, and we didn’t have the slightest idea how to get rid of them. Sometimes we would find them dead near our ant traps, so I decided it was time to buy a few more.  But before I did, I decided to take a few pictures of the bugs and show them to my teachers to see if they knew what they were.

After studying the picture for a moment one of my coteachers said, “These are Rice Bugs.  You should throw away your rice.”  And it was then that I realized they weren’t just the size of a grain of rice, but actually lived in rice.  My mind directly went to the ten kilo bag of rice we’d been storing under our sink since last October.  Later that day, I cautiously opened the doors leading to the bag of rice to discover about twenty of the bugs loitering outside of it.  The bag felt harder than normal, like the rice had melted and formed one solid super grain.  I was about to throw it away when I decided it would be a shame if I didn’t grab a pair of scissors, cut the bag open, and have a looksie.  Inside it looked as if the rice had sprung to life and I knew with one bad move, I’d have a very dirty and horrifying problem on my hands. So, instead I snapped a few quick photos of the bug colony in the rice bag, and then took the bag of rice out to the trash.

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And in other news, I also wanted to send you to the link where my first video was posted in the Gwangju News.

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