the mask

one night, before we began watching LOST, we grabbed some snacks at our beloved world mart. sarah saw some facial-cleansing masks for sale at the counter, and in a stroke of inspired genius, decided to purchase one for each of us to wear while we watched the show. turns out these masks were a little more slimy (and horrifying) than we anticipated. something about all the flaps and the way it hung off our faces like loose skin meant we couldn’t stop laughing. so, we took a few photos.

warning: what you are about to see may give you nightmares…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


About breeanncowger

restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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One Response to the mask

  1. sari/ah says:

    so it appears as though you had to cut out your own eye holes?? is that right?? wow. –and you’re right; mildly scary, too.

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