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Boseong Teachers’ Workshop

As BreeAnn said in her previous post, this past Thursday and Friday we spent in Boseong  at a teachers’ workshop.  It was really nice to have two days off of regular work in the schools, spend time connecting with other … Continue reading

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Jeju-do: tips for a happy and healthy race

we’re sitting in our hotel on beautiful jeju island, carbo-loading (best part of prepping for a race, if you ask me) for our 10K that begins tomorrow AM, bright and early. i am nervous and excited to run my first race EVER, and can’t wait … Continue reading

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Ives just got to Dance

Hey everyone!  Finished a new video recently for the Gwangju News Online.  Check it out and remember, to watch it in HD click the little wheel in the bottom right of the video and change the settings.  Enjoy!

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to stay or not to stay

our springtime has been a whirlwind, with the ups-and-downs that we’ve grown accustomed to in this korean life we’re living. at the forefront of april and may was the looming decision we needed to make – would we sign another … Continue reading

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Photo Contest

Hey all, thought I would share with you a photo I took that was one of the photo contest winners for the Gwangju News.  It was taken New Years Eve downtown Gwangju.  Obviously this is someone’s pet, but we often … Continue reading

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Very Superstitious

When possible I really enjoy a game of ultimate frisbee.  It’s been one of my favorite things about being in Korea.  Every once in a while a group of teachers find a field and spend the afternoon throwing the disc. … Continue reading

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korea has the best strawberries i have ever eaten. hands down. they are the perfect balance of sweet and tart. other than smoothies and strawberry shortcake, i have no clue what to make with them, but david and i can … Continue reading

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