Jeju-do: tips for a happy and healthy race

we’re sitting in our hotel on beautiful jeju island, carbo-loading (best part of prepping for a race, if you ask me) for our 10K that begins tomorrow AM, bright and early. i am nervous and excited to run my first race EVER, and can’t wait to share the experience with david, along the coast of an island that is often referred to as the “hawaii of korea.”

it’s been an eventful last few days, and we’ve got lots of pics to share from our teacher training workshop that was held in boseong and our subsequent teacher field trip that took us to suncheon bay (also known as “the hope of the world”… or something along those lines), and from the beginnings of our excursion that has led us here to jeju. but for now, let me just share with you a few helpful tips that we found in our jeju 10K guidebook, to mentally get us all in the proper state of mind to run a race:

“It is a good idea to know the first aid measures for emergencies such as cramps.”

“Keep your usual pace.”

“Please stop running in case you feel a strain in your heart and ask the staff members for emergency care. This is often the case when it rains.”

and the best one:

“You should not run when you are tired or stressed from your daily life. You might lapse into coma.”

i just wanted to take some time to share these words of wisdom with you all. now, back to eating my chocolate bread from paris baguette. when i write to you all again, i’ll be on the other side of the finish line, can’t wait!


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