Boseong Teachers’ Workshop

As BreeAnn said in her previous post, this past Thursday and Friday we spent in Boseong  at a teachers’ workshop.  It was really nice to have two days off of regular work in the schools, spend time connecting with other English teachers,and getting out of the city to a more secluded part of South Korea.  We think that it was a great idea and really kind of EPIK to hold this conference with so many teachers.

The first day we had three classes that included tips for future English camps, traveling in South Korea, activities in the classroom, and classroom management.  That night we had a special dinner for all of the teachers and an award ceremony.  Before calling it a night there was a quiz game where we worked with our tables to answer some very random questions about current events, music, movies, and books.

The next day we were given the option to travel to one of two places.  Suncheon Bay or a folk village.  We decided to go with most of our friends to Suncheon Bay where we experienced wildlife and a beautiful stroll on a long and winding bridge.  It seemed like every time I bent over the bridge I could find a crab walking about or a mud skipper…skipping.

Soon it was time to go back home and prepare for the 10k.

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