Pungam Reservoir

This past Sunday BreeAnn and I were being productive and doing a few chores around the apartment when we found ourselves with a little free time.  BreeAnn had heard from a friend about a reservoir in Gwangju that was a nice place to have a leisurely stroll around and hang out for a while.  Recently the weather has been in the 80’s for the high, and unlike our Korean counterparts we were looking for some sun.

So I sat down at the computer, copied down the directions, packed some waters, and we were off on a mini-adventure.  I should say now, and I’m not exaggerating, that approximately 85% of all said “mini-adventures” end in a mini-disappointment.  Not because what we have found to be unfulfilling, but what was to be found, was never found at all.  In other words, after being here for 10 months, we still have no idea how to get anywhere.

With our expectations very low we got on to our first bus, transferred buses, and…..made it to our destination!  Part of why the afternoon was so good was because we actually found what we had set out to find.  And actually, what we had found was beautiful.  It was a large reservoir with a very nice walking path around its perimeter.  Along the walking path were a variety of places to sit and enjoy the scenary which included rose bushes around the whole path.

After walking around the whole reservoir there was a giant rose garden, which I’m sad to say, put the Des Moines Rose Garden to shame.  It was teeming with a variety of roses of various size, color, and shape.  Roses are beautiful flowers, but when this many are together at one time, it is really quite amazing.

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