dynamic busan: revisited

last weekend, david and i ventured east to spend a weekend in the coastal city of busan. with beaches, mexican food, and lots of hiking trails, it was the perfect destination for us after a long week at work. we hopped the bus on friday evening and arrived late, so we didn’t do much exploring that evening, other than the subway system as we tried to navigate our way to our hotel. the hotel itself left a lot to be desired, but you get what you pay for i suppose, and our main goal was to be near the beach anyway.

saturday we grabbed coffee and took off for a long morning hike (we were originally in search of an “art street” which we never did find, but we stumbled upon some great coastal hiking trails so we meandered through those instead). we ate lunch outside on the patio of a mexican place called fuzzy navel, then wandered over to haeundae beach for awhile. that evening we found another path to explore, and then grabbed some indian food at namaste indian restaurant, where i fell in love with all the vibrant decor. then we wandered back down to the beach, where there was a salsa dancing marathon taking place. we watched all the people for a long while, enjoying the warm sea air.

sunday, we got coffee at a different beach called gwangalli, then went in search of a good burger place. unfortunately, the burger place was closed when we arrived, but thankfully there was more mexican right next door, so we ate there instead. we spent the rest of the afternoon lazily, reclining on the beach at gwangalli, before finally packing up and heading back home. one thing i love about korea is the fact that the ocean is always a short bus ride away.

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One Response to dynamic busan: revisited

  1. sari/ah says:

    it’s pretty cool that you ran in to steve martin’s banjo-playing brother.

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