the world that’s inside your head

i’ve given myself a new challenge for the month of july: blog every day. i thought you deserved a warning, before you get bombarded with the mundane, never-ending posts about my daily routine.

seriously though, i used to write all the time, but since the dawn of the internets, i find myself losing the discipline of detailed, honest recording. my life here in korea is so full and bizarre sometimes, but strangely it all becomes gradually normal,  and suddenly i find myself walking these streets without looking up, without really taking in the sideways world around me.

part of it is to signal the countdown to our USA tour (THIRTY-NINE DAYS), and part of it is just to remember this very unique time in our lives. i want to remember the simple, everyday stuff too. i want to be able to look through these entries 20, 30 years from now and say, “yeah. i forgot all about that. glad i wrote it down.”

with that, i should say we had an awesome weekend. we spent friday night downing pizza and garlic bread at the first alleyway with a bunch of hungry foreigners and made a few new friends as well. saturday we went on a huge trip to the yeosu world expo, where we explored pavilions from dozens of different countries and ate delicious food from all over the world. i think i’ll write a separate post about yeosu because it was so jam-packed and cool.

today, sunday, i actually haven’t been outside. yikes. that’s a little embarrassing to admit (since it’s about 7 PM). in my defense, i’ve got my running clothes on and once david gets back from an interview, we’ll go for a run. we slept in, then david made his signature big breakfast sandwiches with french press coffee. we got to skype with both of our families, which always brightens our day. then i spent the afternoon cleaning, doing laundry, and reading an interesting korean book called “please, look after mom.”

the introvert in me needs these low-key days to recover from the exhaustion of the week. communication is a constant effort over here, so i enjoy the silence and solace of our apartment on quiet weekend days. i’m always a little grumpy come sunday nights, knowing i have a full work-week ahead of me. but, only 4 weeks of school left! we’re getting there.


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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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