uphill both ways

my walk to school and my walk home really is “uphill both ways” to quote the classic phrase used by elders lamenting the difficulties of days gone by. we live on top of a hill, and for my daily walk to work i head down into a valley that slopes dramatically uphill again by the time i arrive to either one of my schools. lately, this has resulted in a sweat-soaked breeann. once i arrive to school, of course the air conditioning isn’t on, because everyone, everywhere must save energy. our teacher’s office at my visiting school is on the third floor, and as i ascend, i feel the heat rising with every step. by the time i plunk myself down at the desk, i feel i’m melting into my seat. it’s all i can do to just sit there and fan myself for the first 10 minutes (which is fine, because lately my computers are severely malfunctioning at both of my schools, so i just sit and stare at their frozen screens anyway).

today, after lunch, my co-teacher said that one of the teachers in the office brought a small fan for me to use personally at my desk, because i always “look so hot.” i sheepishly tried to explain to her for the fifth or sixth time that it is because i walk to work, and it is very warm outside these days. she just nodded. then she asked me “are you hot?” i fumbled for words: “you mean now? uh, i’m fine now. it’s just in the mornings. and i guess sometimes in the afternoons…” i trail off. whatever. if i get a personal fan at my desk, then i’ll take it. what’s the use in trying to explain?


About breeanncowger

restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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