goldilocks and the korean kids

david and i had a good evening together. we renewed our gym membership, and dragged ourselves there for a workout tonight. afterwards, we treated ourselves to some valance burger – strangest name and best burger place in all of gwangju. we settled in with our garlic cheese fries and our burgers (great, healthy choice after a workout, i know) to watch a little bachelorette (which david wants you all to know that he hates, but just watches it because i like it), and wrapped up the night with a little LOST, once our friends got out of korean class to watch it with us.

so, now it’s rather late and i want to crawl into bed as soon as possible, so i’m afraid i can’t tell you of all the strange and bizarre things that happened to me today. but, i’ll give you one brief vignette.

at woosan, our worst 6th grade class may also secretly be my favorite, because even though these kids are the naughtiest, they are also the only class gutsy and bold enough to try to talk with me. for awhile, they were fixated on my blue eyes, and one adorable perm-haired boy would even seen me in the halls and shout out “blue eyes! blue eyes teacher!” which i thought was pretty adorable.

this week, they couldn’t get over my “yellow” hair. they asked me if it was natural or if i dyed it, and a few of them were trying to touch it yesterday. unfortunately, this escalated slightly today, when i was leaning over a student helping him write and i felt a startling twinge of pain on my scalp – a girl had leaned over and deftly plucked out one of my hairs. two seconds later, another boy was trying to do the same thing. a third was pointing at my arm hair, and i think he was seriously considering pulling out a strand of it before i stood up tall and started asking “why? what are you doing??”

it finally came out that these students thought i had “golden hair” and they were speculating and joking about getting some strands and trying to sell it. huh? do i live in some sort of medieval fairytale here? haven’t you kids been around blonde hair before? guess not. all i can do is shake my head. just another day in the life.


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One Response to goldilocks and the korean kids

  1. sari/ah says:

    haha–one of my favorite posts to date for sure. i LOVE that they thought your hair was golden. love it.

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