summertime in the city

friday night, after a looooong day of work, we traveled to pungam-dong to have a movie night with some new-ish friends. it was fitting for a rainy night. we went to our friend laurence’s apartment, which was on the top floor of an older apartment building. it was a really cool place, very open and home-y feeling – he even had his own wrap-around balcony. we watched a black and white movie called “the third man” and i enjoyed it, while david may have dozed a bit. there was lots of snacky foods to enjoy like hummus and deviled eggs and diget biscuits. we laughed lots as we told stories about our shared experiences here in korea. it was a good night.

saturday (today) we got to skype with the cowgers, which is always fun, and then we went for a run in the sunshine. it was a hot one, but we were just thankful that the rain had stopped. then we went downtown to do an interview for the gwangju news. it was a really interesting interview with 3 vietnamese sisters who have all married korean men. i loved hearing their stories and could have stayed to chat for a lot longer, but their kids were getting antsy. then david and i wandered downtown and did a little shopping. we ate dinner at the only mexican restaurant in the city, and now we’re home getting ready to watch some tv on our laptop.

nothing too deep or thought-provoking to share, i suppose. i’m just grateful for the weekend.


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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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