boats against the current – borne back ceaselessly into the past

the weekends are so short! we’re home, unpacking, mentally trying to prepare for the week ahead. we had an incredible weekend in seoul. david found the coolest hotel, and even got us booked on the “executive floor” which felt rather prestigious. we relaxed a lot, ate a lot, and shopped a lot. there was also some mexican food, a breakfast buffet, and lots of coffee in the mix, which everyone knows are my love-languages. so, it was basically perfect.

riding on the bus in korea is one of my favorite ways to travel. it’s so nice to kick back in the comfortable, surprisingly huge seats and read, listen to music, or space off and look out the window. i always feel nostalgic, riding home in the dark, watching all the lights roll by on the highway. it reminds me of the days before i could drive, when i’d sit in the back seat with headphones in my ears on night drives home from grandpa and grandma’s house. things have changed so much from the days when i used to pop a cd into the beat-up gray discman and hold it gently on my lap to keep from skipping. sigh, the nineties.

i finished re-reading the great gatsby on the drive home tonight, and i was floored by how devastatingly brilliant it all is. the plot, the characters, the descriptive writing, the scenery and symbolism – everything about it is genius. i’ve been reading lots here in korea, but nothing beats the classics.


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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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