corn fail

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david and i have been craving many comforts from home these past few weeks, but none quite so distinctly as corn on the cob. we’re iowa-grown kids, what can we say? so, when david came home with 2 ears of corn from homeplus, i was elated. nevermind the fact that 2 ears go for 3 bucks over here. let’s just get ’em in a pot and slathered in butter and it will all be worth it.

the first indication that something was not quite right were the various purple kernels scattered throughout the corn. we pointedly ignored them and plopped them in the boiling pot of water. we realized as we rooted through our kitchen that we didn’t have all the corn-eating necessities of home. no little handles to stick into the ends of the cob, and no beloved butter-boy. we made due with chopsticks and a knife… but nothing could prepare us for the first bite.

hard, bland, chewy kernels fell into our mouths like water-soaked popcorn seeds (which, let’s face it, that’s basically what they were). it was an utter disappointment. we gnawed on them longer than we should have, more out of longing than necessity. in the end, we were thankful we had our delicious curry leftovers to soften the blow.

i guess it’s true what they say: you can take the kid out of iowa, but that kid can’t find corn like iowa’s anywhere else in the world. i think it goes something like that.



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