a typhoon and the dark knight rises

it’s been a busy week around the cowger apartment, so we are highly anticipating the lazy weekend ahead. last night, after i got home from an extended “teacher’s health day” (more on that later), david and i bused down to sarah’s place. we were in search of dinner with adam and angie, but before we departed we went up to sarah’s roof, to look out over the city. forecasts had been calling for a tropical storm, and from there we could watch the thick, black clouds crawl over the mountains, and the grey mists crawl down the mountainsides. it was a beautiful skyscape. the rain started pouring on us in earnest just as we discovered a little fried chicken dive, where we were able to chat and catch up on each other’s lives while the rain poured outside. afterwards, we grabbed snacks at the 7-eleven, then cozied in sarah’s apartment to watch a little LOST. it was a good way to spend a wednesday.

today, we met up with a bigger crew of friends up north in suwan, to get some sushi at a new place called the golden shrimp. it was, hands down, the best sushi i’ve had in gwangju. absolutely divine. then, we all went to see the dark knight rises – before all of america had a chance. david and i shared some carmel popcorn (one of my fave things about movie theaters here) and i think everyone thought the movie was good (although, i’ll admit, i’m on overload with superhero movies these days with the avengers, spiderman, and batman all in my recent movie-viewing history. i could use a good romantic comedy). now, we’re home and tired, so i’ll wrap up this little post and hit the hay. 


About breeanncowger

restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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