keeping up

well, i’m the first to admit that i’m not blogging everyday as i idealistically hoped. but i am at least trying to be more consistent. things have been good and busy for us here, so sometimes it’s tough to think of new things to write about. david and i are both up to our ears in summer camp planning, and we’re also continually counting down the days til the big vacay in the USA (16 DAYS).

our weekend was really chill. it was good – we’ve been busy lots this summer, and our weeks feel really busy sometimes with all our weekly commitments. so, friday night we made it downtown to the first alleyway to get some bacon cheeseburgers (it’s a new menu item they’re trying out and they didn’t disappoint) with sarah, adam, angie, and rachel. it was a good way to unwind on a friday night.

saturday we chatted with the cowgers, lazed away the afternoon watching batman begins AND the dark knight on tv (i had to write an article too, so at least one of us was doing something productive…), and went out to dinner at the all you can eat meat-buffet. sounds a little gross, i know, but it actually is delicious and awesome. sunday, chatted with my parents, went for the hottest run in history, trekked waaay across town to sangmu to buy the catcher in the rye from a girl, and then finally made it to the thai restaurant where we had some delicious pad thai.

today, monday, was incredibly hot. it was tough to teach all morning while fanning myself and wiping constant sweat-beads off my forehead. after school david and i went to workout, then came home to make a big curry dish for our friends. adam, angie, and sarah came over for LOST night, and we enjoyed catching up on each other’s weekends and eating a delicious dinner full of fresh fruits and veggies (the tomatoes are to die for right now in korea. so, so good). now, off to read my book and catch some zzzzs. sweet dreams!


About breeanncowger

restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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