Anniversary in Seoul

The two months leading up to our anniversary BreeAnn and I were still trying to figure out where we should celebrate it.  We were pretty sure we wanted to go to Seoul.  They have nicer hotels and (the real reason) an On the Border.  In the past BreeAnn does most of the online searching around for places to stay and transportation.  She is super good at it and finds unique places at really good prices.  Recently she has had a bit more work than me, so I decided to step it up and try to find a hotel.  I asked co-teachers and searched multiple websites.

On my search I found the Grand Hilton Hotel.  And if you click around you’ll find that the special room offers are all in Korean.  Which is a little strange.  The site is all in English and when it comes to special offers, it’s only for Korean’s?  I had a teacher translate it and it sounded like a good deal.  I talked to BreeAnn about it and we decided to go for it.  And yes, it turns out that the special offers were only for Korean residents.  Luckily, we are.

So last Saturday we traveled about three and a half hours to Seoul.  I didn’t eat much breakfast or snack knowing we were going to eat at On the Border.  And it somewhat paid off.  I say “somewhat” because unbeknownst to us, it seems like our stomachs have shrunk and can only handle small Korean serving sizes.  Which in general is a good thing, but we were at On the Border, the only place in Korea that serves unlimited chips and salsa. Unaware of our eating issue we promptly ate three baskets of chips and three bowls of salsa before our food came.  As our server put down the two giant American sized plates in front of us we both looked at each other like, “How did we used to eat all of this?”

After lunch we went to our hotel to check in.  I approached the check-in counter and told her my name.  To our surprise she said that for guests staying on our executive floor there is a separate desk on the eleventh floor.  I got really excited and knew that the next twenty-four hours would not disappoint.  After checking in we went to our room on the twelfth and top floor of the hotel.  It was very modern.  I think for us the highlight was the most comfortable bed we had lied in for the last year.  Beds in Korea are generally very very hard.  And although we’ve gotten used to it we can’t wait for the day that we can sleep in our pillow-top bed back home.  Loving the bed so much and finding Animal Planet on TV, BreeAnn decided to hang out in the room while I did a little searching around the hotel.

I spent some time in the executive lounge sipping espresso and looking out the window. I walked downstairs and found the pool (with some rather funny rules), the work out facility, and the sauna.  Getting back to the room, I woke BreeAnn up and we got ready for dinner.  The executive lounge had a special happy hour where guests were invited to some free snacks (all that we were hungry for) and drinks.

Some of the most fun we had was reminiscing about the past two years.  And although it doesn’t seem like a long time to be married, I feel like we have done so much.  Already as a married couple we have traveled to about a dozen different states, four different continents, and grown so much in the last year with the experience of quitting our jobs, leaving our very good friends and family, and moving to another country.  Some days it’s the hardest thing to go on facebook and see everything that we are missing out on in the states.  But then I look at BreeAnn and know that there is nowhere I’d rather be.  And for the last two years she has made me the happiest man.

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6 Responses to Anniversary in Seoul

  1. Denise Nahsen says:

    David, you’re so sweet!! Happy Anniversary you two!!

  2. Alana says:

    Love it!!! We went to Chili’s in Taipei for our Anniversary :) Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Kari Osborne says:

    Awesome! So glad you got away and could celebrate! We are going somewhere fun to eat when you get home… decide what sounds good! We can’t wait to see you both!

  4. Stephen says:

    Nice – Erin and I found when we went to the US that the serving portions are huge, even compared to Australia – and we have found that when we eat more ‘western’ sized meals (e.g. Cafe Lemontable) that we are really full afterwards.

  5. sari/ah says:

    if you only you two liked each other. kidding. this is so sweet. love to two crazy cowgers’. =) can’t WAIT to see you.

  6. Emily C says:

    You two are so great together. Glad you had such a great time in Seoul. It’s a great city. Much love to you both.

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