Kitty Times

Wednesday through Friday I walk around 20 minutes to my home school.  On a typical day not much happens besides listening to a podcast from Radiolab or This American Life, the occasional motorcycle on the sidewalk, or walking past and saying hi to the same nurse who held my leg down as I got an injection.

But in the last month I discovered a new friend.  It’s a young cat that is tied up outside of a grocery store to a pack of six large water bottles.  Often times it seems like Koreans are a bit apathetic towards animals.  I also would like to think that no matter where I am in the world, all animals speak English or respond to English calling sounds.  So I do my best to get the attention of animals where ever I am by whistling, clicking, and the occasional, “Here buddy!”.

But I digress.  Although walking to school every day isn’t always pleasant, I have found a little joy in this small cat.  He’s/She’s super playful and reminds me of a cat BreeAnn babysat for named Hector.  It’s not everyday that a person finds a cat with much personality.  I only wish that we could untie it and take it home with me.  I think the cat is starting to recognize me since I see it twice a day, and starts to perk up.  This last weekend BreeAnn and I even took a walk to go see the cat so I could introduce the two of them.  Let’s just say that they really hit it off.

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One Response to Kitty Times

  1. Kaylynn says:

    BRING THE CAT HOME!!! Wait, is that legal? Do you think it would survive the flights?? DOOOO IT!!!

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