the other side

we are home. we haven’t been writing, because we’ve been so busy soaking up every moment and savoring every bite. eventually, we’ll find the time to reminisce and write all about our adventures, but suffice it to say that we have been so blissful and feel so refreshed. from the moment we (finally) landed, we’ve experienced something akin to a deep sigh – like we’ve been living in ill-fitting clothes for a year, and we finally got to put on something comfortable. we feel normal again. we can breathe again.

this all might sound a little melodramatic, but i came home and fell in love with iowa. it’s always been home to me, but i see it so differently than i used to. this afternoon i drove down winding country back-roads to marshalltown, and the drive was the happiest i’ve been in a long time. the wind blowing, music cranked, the sun shining and nothing but blue skies and golden fields in every direction. it was so symmetrical – serene and peaceful. unobstructed views and rolling hills for days.

i finally understood today, these miles of waving fields have always been my oceans.

the other thing i keep thinking about during this visit is how blessed i am to have friends and family who i can pick back up with like i never left. we’ve had some great conversations and great laughs. i worried that i’d come home feeling like a stranger, but i’ve slipped so effortlessly back into the world we left that it’s almost like we never did. it’s silly, but i’m continually surprised that all the people that i’ve loved and missed this last year may actually have loved and missed us too. it’s nice. it gets us excited to come home for good, but we know we’re not quite done with korea yet (or should i say, korea’s not done with us). but i don’t want to think about that right now. we’re home.


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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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One Response to the other side

  1. caryn says:

    We love having you home.
    We love you.

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