Chuseok Gift Sets

Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again.  Yes, I’m talking about Chuseok.  People describe it at Korea’s biggest holiday, combining Christmas and Thanksgiving.  But what little I know about Chuseok, it is neither a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, nor a day to remember surviving the first winter in a foreign country.  Basically it means that families get together (like Christmas) and eat a lot of food (like Thanksgiving).  In a mass exodus, Koreans take planes, trains, and automobiles to their hometowns for a few days and celebrate.  So any travel accommodations must be done months in advance.  For BreeAnn and I we’ll be traveling to the island of Jeju just south of Korea.

It’s about this time that Principals of schools are starting to give gifts to the teachers.  In the past, when working at a school not many gifts are given from the principal.  But typically it might be a children’s book or maybe a gift card to Starbucks.  So when my co-teacher came in this morning with a big box, I got excited.  Last year we got a huge bag of rice from BreeAnn’s vice-principal.  And I’ve heard of people giving Spam gift sets as well.  Even so, it’s still exciting getting a box and not knowing what’s inside.

I opened it up right away to find eight cans of tuna and two large bottles of canola oil!  Hurray!  This boy is eating tonight!

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