i love, love, love this stuff. it’s a traditional summertime korean desert made with shaved ice, sweetened milk, ice cream (if you’re lucky), red beans, and a whole bunch of other ingredients. sometimes cornflakes, sometimes strawberries, sometimes rice cakes, sometimes tomatoes. you never know what you’re gonna get. the first couple times i tried it, i wasn’t sold on the dish, but the third time’s the charm. david and i tried the strawberry patbingsu at cafe bene and we were hooked. the trick with patbingsu is to mix it all up before you eat it. when all the flavors blend together, it makes for an icy-sweet summer party in your mouth. as the weather cools, i  know i’ll be missing my patbingsu fix, but now it’s onto the warmer treats, like hotteok and other hot, red-bean-filled street snacks.

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