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i’ve got a quick break from the madness here at school, and i thought i should give pause to think about the good stuff in my life. today is thanksgiving, even though it doesn’t feel like it. i’ve been teaching a silly power point on it … Continue reading

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The Gwangju Kimchi Festival

Once a year there is a festival in Gwangju like no other.  A festival dedicated to kimchi.  It’s called the (you guessed it) KIMCHI FESTIVAL! You may have heard us talk about kimchi in our previous posts.  It’s the national … Continue reading

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Open Class

Throughout the last year I have had around six open classes.  What’s an open class?  An open class is when a teacher opens his or her classroom to the parents, teachers, and district office to watch their lesson.  The closest … Continue reading

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Absentee Ballot

Voting is important.  And for me, I feel like it is our duty as Americans to vote.  Some people either don’t care or think that both candidates are horrible options.  But to me I think about the wars that have … Continue reading

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Bubble Tea

Living in South Korea for an extended period of time we’ve noticed numerous businesses will go out of business and another will reopen sometimes only weeks later.  In fact, coming back to Gwangju after our three week vacation to America … Continue reading

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