Bubble Tea

Living in South Korea for an extended period of time we’ve noticed numerous businesses will go out of business and another will reopen sometimes only weeks later.  In fact, coming back to Gwangju after our three week vacation to America was like coming back to slightly different city.  We’d say, “Oh hey, wasn’t that a shoe store?” or “I think that was a bbq before.  Hmm Looks like they’re building another bbq in it’s place.”

But recently two of our favorite places have been closed.  The first to close down was Misoya.  Misoya is a Japanese chain throughout Korea.  We often get a fried shrimp or California roll with a side of mizo soup.  Nothing out of this world amazing, but it was always a good inexpensive meal for the weekend.  Now it appears to be a shop for men’s glasses.  And the thing is, there is at least 5 other glasses shops on that street.  Misoya was the only Japanese restaurant like it in the area.  And I almost had a free bowl of undon noodles on my punch card!

Our other favorite place to close down was Ediya Coffee.  They had gelato and really good hot cocoa (not to mention some kickin’ 90’s music every time we were in there).  And yes, I also had a punch card there that was almost full.   The biggest slap in the face though is that it’s an underwear store.

Recently the only bright side is that a new bubble tea store has opened in our neighborhood.  And for the first week it is 1+1 (basically if you see 1+1 in Korea it means buy one get one free).  We’ve been there twice already and met some really nice people working there.  Hopefully as shops continue to open and close, this new store will be around for a while.

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2 Responses to Bubble Tea

  1. Kristen Severs says:

    Got a question for you…what’s the US election look like from over there? Did you get to vote absentee? Hope you are great! :o) Kristen

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