Absentee Ballot

Voting is important.  And for me, I feel like it is our duty as Americans to vote.  Some people either don’t care or think that both candidates are horrible options.  But to me I think about the wars that have been fought and lives that have been lost serving and protecting our country for this very freedom.  And to everyone that is in the service and to all the veterans I am truly grateful for that sacrifice.

That’s why, even though we are in Korea, I made it a priority to get an absentee ballot.  I filled it out and took it to the post office to send it to the county auditor’s office.  Originally I was just going to put it in a regular envelope, but the woman working there said, “Important?”  I nodded and she got me a special envelope.  It was going to cost more, but it ensured it would arrive on time and I could track it online.

On the envelope, there were several places to fill in information.  One of them really caused me to stop and think.  The box read: “Value of Contents”.  At first I thought, “Well, not much.  Just a few pieces of paper.”  But then I really thought of the value.  I thought of all of the countries under a dictator, where people don’t have the right to vote, where it could be dangerous to vote.  I thought about writing, “Infinite,” or “Priceless,” but I thought it would get lost in translation or possibly not get mailed.  So as you vote today or if you have already voted, democrat, republican, or independent,  I urge you to reflect on the value of your vote and be thankful that we are citizens of a country where we have that freedom.

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