The Gwangju Kimchi Festival

Once a year there is a festival in Gwangju like no other.  A festival dedicated to kimchi.  It’s called the (you guessed it) KIMCHI FESTIVAL!

You may have heard us talk about kimchi in our previous posts.  It’s the national food of Korea usually made from cabbage.  The cabbage, along with other spices, is then placed in a special jar and left to ferment from anywhere from a few days to a few years.  Maybe I don’t have a mature pallet, but I usually don’t enjoy the taste.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  It’s served at lunch in several forms every day at school.  And it’s almost always a side dish at restaurants.  I will say that the restaurant kimchi is much better than cafeteria kimchi.  Most Koreans eat three times a day.  A meal just isn’t a meal without kimchi.

Anyway, BreeAnn and I really enjoyed our day at the Kimchi Festival.  We participated in a scavenger hunt and got third place!  Our friends even joined in the k-pop contest and got second place with “Gangnam Style”.  I made a video to remember the day.

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