the kimchi festival scavenger hunt

this is rather delayed, but i am finally catching up on a few memorable events that happened this past fall: on october 13th, david and i joined forces with our friends adam, angie, and sarah, to compete in the gwangju blog scavenger hunt. we were given a list of tasks to accomplish in a period of about 2 hours. we had to document each task with a photo, and the team with the most photos/items checked off their list would be declared the winners. it was a sweaty, chaotic two hours, but i think our team worked pretty well together, and in the end we placed third and won about 100 bucks! not a bad way to spend a saturday afternoon. plus, we got these bright orange t-shirts for free. what a steal.

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for a little more documentation of our adventure, check out the post about the hunt on the gwangju blog, here.


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