Jirisan 지리산

IMG_2550Last weekend we went on a bit of an unexpected trip.  Midweek we were asked if we wanted to go hiking one of Korea’s most famous mountains, Jirisan.  Knowing this may very well be our last hike before the winter weather truly sets in, I was excited to go.  At 7am on Saturday morning nine of us hopped into two cars and went on our way.  I’m not quite sure how long it took since I was talking and looking out the window of the car so much and sleeping on the way back, but I would say it took about two hours to get there.


After driving up the mountain a bit we found a parking spot and walked about fifteen minutes to get to the trail head.  We immediately discovered that the trail was covered in packed snow that had turned into ice in most places.  After discussing it a bit we decided that we had come to far not to at least try it and that we could turn around if we really needed to.  Walking very slowly, we stepped carefully in spots that didn’t look so shiny.


We took a lunch break about halfway up, where BreeAnn and I enjoyed some 귤’s and tuna salad sandwiches.

All said and done it took around two hours to reach the summit where we looked out into the distance.  We could see Mudeung Mountain, the tallest peak in Gwangju.  Most of the mountains we could only see the peaks of.  The rest was covered in a mist.  And for a moment I felt like I was on top of the world looking down, wondering where all the buildings and people are.  Thinking about how small we are and how beautiful everything is.  I love Iowa and it’s rolling hills and watching the sun go down, but every so often it’s nice to be above everything.

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