birthday part one

my birthday fell on a monday this year. i also happened to be gone on that monday (and for the rest of the week) since i was going to be at EIC (see previous post). david and i had made some plans to have a little party on the 14th, but i was pretty sure that the start of my birthday week would be rather anticlimactic. i was wrong.

on sunday morning, david and i were shuffling around the apartment, getting organized for the day. it was a bright, sunny morning, and i had decided to work on writing the rest of my christmas cards. originally, david had said we should go downtown and meet people for brunch at the first alleyway, but i had told him i just wanted to stay in and get ready for the week ahead. in hindsight, david was acting a little funny, cleaning up the place and brushing my hair, but i just thought he was being sweet.

our doorbell rang around 11:30 or so, and i told david to ignore it (we often get people at the door trying to convert us to mormonism or trying to get us to believe in the mother of god, none of which i wanted to deal with in my pj’s on a sunday morning). david went to peek out the peephole and delcared “i think it’s the landlord” before opening it wide. i heard the singing first – there was a chorus of “happy birthday” being belted out in the hallway. i was confused… was our landlord singing happy birthday to me? but as our friends came through the entryway i slowly pieced together the fact that david had planned a sneak-attack brunch with adam, angie, sarah, and cory. i was thrilled! they even stocked up on dunkin donuts AND starbucks coffee on their way over!

david cooked up some eggs, bacon, and toast, as we all sat around and enjoyed the calm of a sunday morning together. it was so great to have everyone show up on our doorstep and surprise me, and i was so thankful to david for being so creative (and flexible – apparently he’d arranged to do it at first alleyway but when i said i didn’t want to go he had to discretely contact everyone and tell them to come to our place instead). it was the perfect kick-off to my birthday week.

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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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