NYE, seoul style

ringing in a new year always brings with it such pressure. you’ve got to go somewhere, do something. i’m not much for all the fanfare, but when in rome (or korea), right?

so, we hopped a bus to seoul, making the 4 hour trek after david taught 2 winter camps, meaning we arrived in the capital city around 9 PM on the 31st. we rushed to our hostel and met up with our friends who all had arrived earlier in the day. then we headed off to see what the city had to offer.

turns out, the main things it had to offer were freezing cold ice-covered sidewalks and streets (get some salt, korea!), an unhappy mondu lady, and throngs of people that turned into a sea of churning, elbow-throwing madness. oh, and a bell. a big bell. happy new year!

okay okay, it wasn’t that bad. it was just a lot of chaos, which ought to be expected when trying to ring in the new year in one of the largest cities IN THE WORLD. but it was fun to be with friends, and we stayed at one of the best hostels in the city.

the next day was also full of the simple pleasures of the midwestern-expat: a gorgeous snowfall, caribou coffee, and tons of mexican food. mission accomplished. happy 2013!

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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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