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the whirlwind

it has begun. all the packing, goodbyes, last meals, and checklists are suddenly so immediate. i’ve hardly had time to stop, reflect, and soak it all in. some things have been harder than i thought they would be; some things, … Continue reading

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Wii Bang

Before leaving on our trip to Cambodia and Thailand our friends decided to head on out to the Wii bang.  As previously mentioned, Koreans tend to prefer to meet at a restaurant, a singing room, or boardgame cafe  instead of … Continue reading

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Bada bap ba da…I’m lovin’ it!

Korea has truly come a long way in the last 50 years.  If you don’t believe me check out this blog.  They went from being a developing country to having every modern convenience.  Subways, internet, smartphones, new cars, and infrastructure, … Continue reading

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A Look Outside

We live on the third floor of an apartment complex.  Not very high by Korean standards, but our building rests atop of a large hill, allowing me to overlook the city and Mudeung Mountain on a clear day.

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across continents

last weekend we had a lot of fun, being back in ol’ gwangju. we arrived home thursday morning around 4 AM, so we were pretty useless on thursday. on friday, we went back to work, both deskwarming for the entire … Continue reading

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anywhere but here

i had a very strange conversation yesterday. it was with my vice principal. it’s no secret the guy likes me. i guess i just didn’t realize how much he likes me. and as i sat there uncomfortably nodding, i just … Continue reading

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i’m back, baby!

(i know a few of you friends appreciate the title to this post, although really it’s david’s latest catchphrase, not mine). after a much-needed 2 week hiatus in which we trekked through cambodia and thailand, we are back in the … Continue reading

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