i’m back, baby!

(i know a few of you friends appreciate the title to this post, although really it’s david’s latest catchphrase, not mine).

after a much-needed 2 week hiatus in which we trekked through cambodia and thailand, we are back in the sk for only 4 (FOUR!) more short weeks. i cannot even begin to comprehend that our time teaching overseas is almost over, but i’ll save those sentiments for another post.

let’s talk about vacation instead.

i joked with david that in life, we are told to find a job we really love and that we are good at – and for me that would be vacationing. i love researching and finding flights, places to stay, plotting routes and pinpointing maps. i love scouring lonely planet and travel forums for advice and tips. and once we arrive, i love unearthing the little local eateries and doing tours that lead down narrow alleyways and along riverfronts. i love the walking most of all – i feel you can really grasp the beat of a city by walking its streets for a day or two.

so how do i begin to capture our trip in words? i think we’ll both probably write a bit about our adventures over a few posts (and we’ll, get some pictures up soon), so for this one i’ll just cover a few personal highlights. i love a good list. so, in no particular order…

the best of thailand/cambodia 2013 from my humble point of view:

1. the food. we were over the moon. cheap, flavorful, delicious food everywhere we looked. fish amok, spring rolls, curries, pad thai, coconut shakes, and ingredients like tamarind, lime juice, cilantro, peanuts, coconut milk, and mangoes were in endless supply.

2. riding in tuk-tuks. this was a blast for me. the breeze and the never-ending sights all around. no windows to separate you from the dust and grit* of the open road. *may require a face mask.

3. angkor wat and all the surrounding temples. it was surreal, stumbling through the darkness with david, waiting for the sun to come up over a temple i’d only seen on small screens. all of the temples were impressive in their size and detail. exploring the ruins, standing under dinosaur-limbed trees, you feel so small and yet so marvelous. climbing through the crumbling fortresses, it’s like being a kid.

4. paradise palms bungalows. all our accommodations were pretty awesome, and i’m so glad they all worked out, but this place fit david and i like a glove. it was rustic, simple, and tropical. it was small and quaint, but every night we went to sleep to the crashing of waves, and every morning we woke and made breakfast on our front porch, under palm trees, looking out over the endless sea. something about the peace and casual comfort reminded me of camp. i never wanted to leave this place.

5. the elephants. we rode on an elephant, then we gave her a bath. maybe a little touristy/gimmick-y? yes. and it was so cool. it’s no secret i love animals, and being near something so wise and gentle was awe-inspiring. the moment when i rode on her shoulders and felt her muscles shift beneath me, bristly black hairs between my fingers, i think my heart stopped. creation is so beautiful.

there were so many more great highlights like saffron’s restaurant, the beaches, the best mojito of my life, the people, the cultures, the architecture, the longboats in bangkok, the markets, the massages, etc. it was a lovely vacation. it made those tough days of korea well worth it.


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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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4 Responses to i’m back, baby!

  1. Brent Osborne says:

    Wow. Truly, truly amazing. I hope to experience the world like that someday, B. Can’t wait to hear the stories in person!!!

  2. sari/ah says:

    sounds looooovely. so looking forward to seeing pix. =) love you guys!

  3. Kristen Severs says:

    That sounds completely wonderful – you are a lucky girl to have done and seen all those things!

  4. breeanncowger says:

    thanks everyone! it was definitely a great adventure and we’re grateful we got the chance to go!

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