anywhere but here

i had a very strange conversation yesterday. it was with my vice principal. it’s no secret the guy likes me. i guess i just didn’t realize how much he likes me. and as i sat there uncomfortably nodding, i just kept thinking how this situation would never, ever fly in america.

basically, it was a meeting to tell him i would be leaving at the end of february. here are some of his comments/responses. all of these were translated to me by my korean coworker, so the exact meaning/credibility may be compromised.

“he says he wants to go with you to america.”

“ha. ha….”

“he wants your address in america. is that okay?”


“he wants it right now.”


“he says he thinks he will never get another english teacher as beautiful as you.”


“he wants to know what you think? do you think he will get another english teacher as beautiful as you?”

“oh.. i am sure he will… sure.”

(the conversation then veered off-track as they conversed in korean and i sat twidling my thumbs. i think they were talking about mangos for awhile. then it came back to me again with this:)

“he wants to thank you for being good english teacher. he is so happy you have yellow hair and you are tall and beautiful. he says you are most beautiful english teacher.”

(my thoughts: he never once saw me teach, and is basing the idea that i was a “good” teacher on the fact that he finds me attractive. and that i have yellow hair. wonderful.)


“he wants you to come to korea again and visit him.”

“yeah, maybe.”

(and last but not least)

“he says he wants you to go home and have babies. will you have babies?”

“uh, maybe?”

“he says you should have four babies, okay? four babies.”

“wow. yeah, no i don’t know about that…”

cue the goodbyes and bows all around. and after a year and a half, this country continues to baffle me.


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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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5 Responses to anywhere but here

  1. Kristen Severs says:

    YIKES! Can you even look him in the eye anymore?!?

    HOORAY – you’re really coming back!!!! Can’t wait!

    :o) Kristen

    • breeanncowger says:

      it was rather strange, to say the least!! and YES, we are so excited to come home :) can’t wait to see your family, i bet the girls have grown so much since we saw them last!

  2. sari/ah says:

    ok, tears running down my face b/c i’m laughing so hard. hilarious. thanks for sharing =) love you, breeann, and can’t wait until you’re back here w/ us american weirdos (don’t worry…we still have those) =)

  3. sari/ah says:

    ps: perhaps my favorite post to date.

    • breeanncowger says:

      haha, thanks so much sarah!! it was definitely one of many odd encounters that i had while in korea, can’t wait to get back and see you guys!! love ya!

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