Bada bap ba da…I’m lovin’ it!

Korea has truly come a long way in the last 50 years.  If you don’t believe me check out this blog.  They went from being a developing country to having every modern convenience.  Subways, internet, smartphones, new cars, and infrastructure, just to name a few.  But no achievement of theirs has ever confirmed Korea as a modern industrialized nation as much as McDelivery.

McDelivery, along with many other delivery services, are widely used in Korea, but it wasn’t until now that it has been made availible for foreigners.  Within the last few months McDelivery came out with a English site.  So one evening with our friends we sat down, entered in our address and ordered five meals including, but not limited to, Shanghai Spicy Chicken, Big Macs, french fries, and Mcflurries.


The online service offers a page to track your meal.  As the page updated to “order placed”, to “making order”, to “delivering order” we grew anxious with anticipation.  By the time the motorbike came we all had our heads hanging out our apartment window shouting, “He’s here!  He’s here” and “It worked!”


It’s not until you’ve lived overseas that the simple taste of home becomes so missed and so welcomed.


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