free bread after a long hike

saturday was a decidedly lazy day. after all the go, go, go of turkey, it was nice to relax and hang around the cave house for most of the day. we had a yummy breakfast with local yogurt, muesli, bananas, and coffee. we’ve got a great kitchen here with all the things we need (including a drip-brew coffee maker which we haven’t used for the last year and a half). around noon we decided to get out and explore, so we following some walking routes through our village until we arrived at an outlook of what was probably an old church. we could see far our into the sea and across to the island of therasia. from here, we followed the winding steps down to the fishing neighborhood of amoudi. most of the restaurants were closed up, but lots of people were about painting and prepping for the coming crowds that will arrive in a month or so.

there was a trail that split off from amoudi, and even though there were warning signs about falling rocks, we decided to go exploring anyway. i’m glad we did. we followed an old, washed out road around the northwestern corner of the island, and we were rewarded with beautiful views and close-up glances of the crisp, cerulean sea. we went as far as we could go before the path was overtaken by huge, volcanic rocks, so we retraced our steps and trudged slowly back up the 200-some steps up to Oia.

in town we stopped by another grocery store and decided to make dinner in our apartment. back at home, we were surprised to find a loaf of still-warm, homemade raisin bread dropped off in our living room. we aren’t sure where it came from or when it arrived, but it was delicious, so we weren’t complaining! for dinner we made tortellini pasta and enjoyed cooking together and listening to music as the sun went down. after dinner, we finally watched argo (and got really excited about the scene filmed in the hagia sophia!) before hitting the hay.


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restlessly seeking, persistently hoping, remaining in awe of the world in which we live.
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