Europe Snapshots: Day 13

Today was mainly a travel day to the city of Athens.  We walked around the city, got lost a bit, and finally sat down at a place recommended by Lonely Planet.  After dinner it was dark and we made our way to the Acropolis.  It was much larger that what BreeAnn and I thought it was going to be.  We bought a few desserts to go and enjoyed them on a curb and marveled at the ancient structures.


Another delicous appetizer

It doesn't get much better than fried cheese, bacon, and honey.

It doesn’t get much better than fried cheese, bacon, and honey.

The Acropolis at night.

The Acropolis at night.

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4 Responses to Europe Snapshots: Day 13

  1. Stephen Gale says:

    Enjoy Athens – make sure you check out the view from the top of Mt Lycabettus (you can get a cable car there), the changing of the guard (Greek Parliament), and the New Acropolis Museum! We loved Greece, probably our favourite destination for our recent Europe trip. Are you going anywhere else?

    • davidcowger says:

      We’ve enjoyed Athens too! Heading to the New Acropolis Museum today and really looking forward to it. Unfortunately there have been some protests around parliament and I don’t think we could get to the changing of the guard yesterday. We might try again today though. Next on our stop is Barcelona, then Madrid, and finally Dublin. Thanks for writing!

      • Stephen Gale says:

        Sounds sweet – we went to Dublin in 2010 (my mother is Irish). Recommend the Guiness Factory (even if you dont drink it, its a really interesting place) and checking out the Book of Kells exhibition at Trinity College :o)

      • davidcowger says:

        Thanks for the suggestions. Dublin is one place that we haven’t planned as much.

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